green lantern

April 10, 2014






*Leather Jacket: Rag & Bone. Denim: Current/Elliott. Bag: Givenchy. Shoes: Louboutin. Sunglasses: Francois Pinton*

Lovers. My obsession with leather jackets needs no reiteration, yeah? I mean, if 90 degree temps (unbearable for yours truly) aren’t enough to deter leather jacket wearage, what will? (Let’s not test that.) I do realise it’s spring, and donning BLACK leather would make me look INSANE. However, this neon green number from Rag & Bone is bright enough for me to rationalise that YES, this is INDEED a SPRING apropos leather jacket. The most flattering piece? Um, no. This jacket is technically a mens and an ideal piece to wear if you want to keep the paparazzi (or friends) guessing whether or not you’re with child. (For the record, I am NOT.) I used it on a shoot I styled last year on (you guessed it) a GUY (fit him to a T), but was too infatuated with it’s one-of-a-kindness to not buy it for my own “archives” (fancy verbage to rationalise buying for myself). Sure, body con jackets are more flattering (and useful in attracting men), but for those days you want to fly under the radar (in body shape, clearly not color), a mens jacket is ideal. Your boyfriend (or hubs) will likely hate it, but you can appease him later with a tight dress that leaves little to the imagination. Never in bad form to keep ‘em guessing.

come on, get happy

February 27, 2014





*Military Jacket and Leather Blouse: Rag & Bone. Skirt: Reformation. Boots: Maison Martin Margiela. Bag: Givenchy. Necklace: J.Crew Collection. Hat: Vintage*

Please tell me I’m not the only one running around with Pharell’s “Happy” playing incessantly in my head! I believe it’s been #1 on the charts for a while now, so I CAN’T be the only one. Hell, there are worse songs to have stuck in your head. Like “Baby Got Back.” So I ain’t complaining.

I need to make more of a concerted effort to be happy. It doesn’t come easily to me.

I was reading Esquire the other night, and there was a great piece on notable men in LA and New York entitled, “Why We Dress Now.”

One guy profiled, chef David Myers, remarked, “If you want to tell the world you’re happy with who you are, just enjoy what you’re wearing.”


Judging on that sentiment, Lupita N’yongo must be the happiest woman on the planet right now. (For good reason!) Girl can rock a bold print and color like NOBODY’S BIZ.NESS.

Contrarily, the older I get, the more reticent I am towards wearing anything in lieu of black. I LOVE styling others in colors, but when it comes to moi, I will choose black over all else any day. So the fact that I’m wearing GREEN and NAVY in said post is noteworthy. Pathetically and truly. That’s what it’s come to.

It sounds almost like an oxymoron to say black makes me happy, but it does. Boots (even at the beach, as you can see), coats, and most things black make me happy. Evidently I’m more of a creature of comfort than realised.

And maybe that’s ok? Photographer Max Snow (also profiled in Esquire) remarked that he only wears black. Pourquoi? Is he lazy? Boring? By default, am I? His explanation (which I’ll henceforth steal as my own): “Black goes with black, and my life’s complicated enough. I get dressed to make things easy.”

I love fashion, but I don’t want to wear fussy pieces. Thankfully, brands like Margiela, Rag & Bone, and (LA-based Reformation) exist who seem to share my current “no-muss, no-fuss” aesthetic philosophy.

And that makes me happy;)

Between her show-stopping-model-looks and irreverently-quirky-yet-uber-chic style, it’s no stretch to see why fashion-editor-turned-entrepreneurial-florist Taylor Tomasi-Hill has loong been a street style icon. She has an incredible eye (no doubt honed during her ten years as an editor/creative director for the likes of Marie-Claire and Moda Operadi) and way of effortlessly mixing unexpected patterns together (read: python, plaid, and leopard) in a way that not only “works,” but looks SUPER cool without, somehow, feeling trendy.

One need only glance at a photo of Tomasi-Hill to know that whatever that “it” factor is, she’s got it in spades.

While there are countless candid photos of Tomasi-Hill I frequently refer to for inspiration, the below two are particular favorites. Either is a great transitional look from winter to spring. Enjoy! xx

Inspiration Uno: 







Jil Sander Fur Stole (Alternative ASOS faux fur option available here)

DSquared2 Military Style Blazer

Saint Laurent Studded Belt 

J.Crew Collection Silk Jacquard Pants Etoile Isabel Marant Checked Tapered Pants

Tabitha Simmons Elaphe Pumps 

 Inspiration Dos: 






Jil Sander Fur Stole (Alternative ASOS faux fur option available here

Raquel Allegra Leopard-Print Linen Blazer

Etoile Isabel Marant Checked Tapered Pants

Tabitha Simmons Elaphe Pumps 


February 13, 2014

1JK Rowling 

Today, I had the unexpected good fortune of bumping into a friend (sadly not JK Rowling – I WISH) and spontaneously catching up over a cup of coffee. She’s an incredibly prolific, successful entrepreneur whose militant work ethic and joie de vivre I’ve long admired and, in the spirit of complete transparency, envy. A “type-A” persona who bounds out of bed daily at 4 am to run (with an alacrity I can only dream of at the hour), I’ve often wondered the secret to her success. So I asked. And she shared. 

She began by giving mah-jor props to her parents, who emphasised that she, along with everyone else, was special simply by virtue of being alive and human. In that respect, she was no more extraordinary than anyone else and, subsequently, wasn’t raised to expect preferential treatment. Thus seemingly growing up with an absence of entitlement, she believed persistent, hard work was the only gateway to her dreams. And acted accordingly. 

Currently working at her self-professed dream job, she shared that she thinks “discipline is more important than passion,” and attributes her success to her militant discipline doing work she loves.

As someone who grew up with a gross sense of entitlement and material things (largely) handed to me, I LOVED her emphasis on discipline. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear and be reminded of that day.

Particularly the older I get, I see SO many gorgeous, insanely talented people who are alluded by success. I’ve observed the ones who stand and are fortuitous are inevitably uber disciplined and take DAILY action.

All the time, I overhear people in LA saying some variation of “just follow your dreams,” like if you do so things will “just happen.”

But nothing “just happens.” And the more candid convos I have with successful peeps, the more that becomes clear.

YES. Passion is what fuels great work. But it’s not what births it into being. Conscious, loving, diligent, disciplined action is the tunnel through which your greatest work (and self) will emerge.

*Photo via Google Images 

orange is the new black

February 2, 2014


If you were to bump into me on any given day (a literal possibility since I’m a total klutz), there’s a 90% chance I will be dressed in black. Why? The answer’s not titillating. I’m not depressed, nor am I in mourning for my life. To steal the words of the infamous Johnny Cash, “I wore black because I liked it.” And I do. I really, really like black! It makes me feel impervious to so many things: weight fluctuations, spills, men (a post for another day).

But 10% of the time, my black garb, red mane and lipstick feel insufficient and I crave more color.

Enter Essie’s Hip-Anema, a neon orange nail polish with poppy red undertones. Not for the faint-of-heart, this color elicits the same “I’M ALIVE!” feeling I have after inhaling a shot of espresso.

Soo, if you’re looking for an easy pick-me-up – or a noncommittal way to add some HIP color to your look – check out HIP-Anema. God, that was terrible. I think I speak for us all when I say I dodged a bullet by not pursuing advertising. If that’s the best I can come up with, it’s clearly time for bed. Hopefully I’ll have some wittier closing lines for ya tomorrow. Til then…xx