in pictures: nocal

September 10, 2014










Looord knows I have “the gift of gab.” But sometimes (contrarily to what my mother would tell you), I CAN shut the fuck up and recognise when no words are needed.

Suffice to say…

Dear NoCal,

Specifically: San Francisco, Stinson Beach, Tiburon, Muir Beach, and Carmel,


Never change.

With fervent admiration (particularly for your mouthwatering fish tacos. What’s your secret?!),


to do or not to do: filters

September 8, 2014


Ohh, the joys of the Instagram filter. Having a questionable skin day? “Amaro” can fix that in one click. But sometimes I’m ambivalent if filters unequivocally make pics better.

I took the above pic while with my pooch Elvis on our nightly hike in the Hollywood Hills. It was one of those nights where the  sky really took my breath away and I felt instantly humbled. The moon was sooo luminous and kept playing hide and seek with the clouds. I must have just stared the sky, transfixed, for a solid five minutes. I’m sure I look stoned to any passerby. (For the record: completely sober.)

The pic on the right is unfiltered. Pic on left IS filtered. LoFi. Undecided which one’s my favorite. You?

I realise this post has nothing whatsoever do with fashion. However, nature is such a huuge part of my life though (the easy access to this kind of natural beauty is one of my favorite parts of living in LA), so sometimes it’s nice to take a moment and look up. Literally.

Also, just taking a moment to pause and question if all moments really look better through a literal filter. Sometimes raw is best.

clutch it

August 19, 2014


I’m so over cloth clutches (I find them reminiscent of the ’90′s) and love the modern, architectural structure of each bag featured above. I mean, they’re comprised of metal and plexiglass. Wearable works of art. Like, I would happily adorn my fireplace mantle with any of these bad boys. Or mount them on my wall if I could find a way. I’m transfixed. Mesmerising beauty.

Never underestimate the power of accessories. I know I did until I began styling professionally. But now I know: the wrong clutch, shoe, or jewelry can decimate an otherwise stunning outfit.

But I digress. You get it. And seriously guys. THESE CLUTCHES. I’ve seen it all, and as far as clutch designers go, NOTHING comes close to Lee Savage (gold metal clutch on bottom left) and  Rauwolf (outstanding three featured clutches). If you’re unfamiliar with either brand, I highly encourage you to check them out. Even their respective websites are fields of wonder. Enjoy. xx


HOLA LOVERS!! I’ve missed you!

To kick off my blog’s revival, I’ve decided to address my most frequently asked question. Said question is actually NOT, “Who is your favorite designer?” (Phoebe Philo for Celine), nor is it, “Are you a natural redhead?” (YES! With the personality to match. The stereotypes are true.)

Disclaimer: There’s no way to share my FAQ without sounding like a vain narcissist, but here goes. My FAQ: “Your skin’s amazing. What products do you use?”


I’ll be the first to admit I AM vain and a total skin care snob. I’ve always been terrified of looking old. These aren’t traits I’m proud of but, thankfully, there’s an upside to my paranoia. I began using eye cream and moisturisers at 18. I’ve been getting monthly facials since I was 22. I don’t smoke. I’ve never done drugs. I drink lots of agua. I rarely drink alcohol. I’ve never visited a tanning salon. I wear sunscreen daily. And I’m fanatical about my yoga practice.

I realise that last paragraph sounds like a humble brag. Let me reassure you (as would my accountant): I’m far from perfect. I merely mention these things to emphasise that, in addition to good genes, lifestyle choices have a more profound impact on your skin than you’d like to credit.

That said, a disciplined skin care regime can work wonders. I’ve tried the gamut, from drugstore products to super high end (salut Creme de la Mer). I’ve concluded there’s no comparison; particularly when it comes to cleansers, exfoliators and moisturisers. If you doubt me, try Aveno moisturiser for a week. Then try Kate Somerville. I promise you’ll notice a huuge difference. Caring for your skin WELL is an investment for sure, but it’s one I think is well worth it. After all, this is your FACE! Your future self will thank you.

After trying it all, here’s the round up of eight products I use daily and swear by:

1. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser . All-in-one. Ideal for combination skin. Removes make-up and impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Smells like cucumber, which I love.

2. Purity Made Simple Cleanser by Philosophy. My facialist recommends alternating cleansers, so I use this one to remove heavier make-up. It’s the most effective cleanser at removing EVERYTHING in one swoop. Ideal for sensitive skin. 14 oz will last you a year and is the best bang for your buck.

3. Fresh Sugar Face Polish. Exfoliating is essential to maintaining a smooth complexion (especially when you have dry skin like mine). This is the best exfoliator I’ve found, and is gentle enough to use three times a wee (which I do!). Plus, it’s all natural and smells as great as it feels (and tastes;).

4. Kate Somerville Dermal Quench Liquid Lift.  This product changed my skin. It’s expensive, but worth every penny. It’s not called “Botox in a bottle” for nothing. Claims to “instantly plump, firm and fill your skin,” and boy does it ever. You’ll notice an instantaneous difference. I apply this before moisturising day and night.

5. Ole Henriksen Total Truth Vitamin C Eye Creme. Great for combination skin. Heavy enough to use for night, but absorbs easily so can use just as well during the day (which I do). Hydrates the under eye area while brightening and relieving dark cycles. A life saver for late nights.

6. Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream. I love Fresh. Can you tell? Their products are natural and work very well on my super sensitive, combination skin. This moisturiser can work double duty as a day/night moisturiser (which is how I use it). It absorbs quickly into the skin and never feels too dense. Definitely has brightened my complexion. No more dry flakes!

7. Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial. My go-to night moisturiser for those mornings I need to look flawless. I typically use three nights a week or when my skin’s feeling extra dry.

8. Shisheido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion for Face SPF 50+ Never underestimate the power of daily sunscreen. Gotta block those UVA/UVB rays! I apply each morning after moisturising and before applying make-up. Non-greasy, doesn’t sting my eyes, and smells AMAZING (think Tom Ford body wash).

green lantern

April 10, 2014






*Leather Jacket: Rag & Bone. Denim: Current/Elliott. Bag: Givenchy. Shoes: Louboutin. Sunglasses: Francois Pinton*

Lovers. My obsession with leather jackets needs no reiteration, yeah? I mean, if 90 degree temps (unbearable for yours truly) aren’t enough to deter leather jacket wearage, what will? (Let’s not test that.) I do realise it’s spring, and donning BLACK leather would make me look INSANE. However, this neon green number from Rag & Bone is bright enough for me to rationalise that YES, this is INDEED a SPRING apropos leather jacket. The most flattering piece? Um, no. This jacket is technically a mens and an ideal piece to wear if you want to keep the paparazzi (or friends) guessing whether or not you’re with child. (For the record, I am NOT.) I used it on a shoot I styled last year on (you guessed it) a GUY (fit him to a T), but was too infatuated with it’s one-of-a-kindness to not buy it for my own “archives” (fancy verbage to rationalise buying for myself). Sure, body con jackets are more flattering (and useful in attracting men), but for those days you want to fly under the radar (in body shape, clearly not color), a mens jacket is ideal. Your boyfriend (or hubs) will likely hate it, but you can appease him later with a tight dress that leaves little to the imagination. Never in bad form to keep ‘em guessing.