stock response

October 7, 2014


“When can I see you?”

“Every day on Instagram.”

one shirt, two ways

October 6, 2014





Look 1* Shirt: Kenzo. Leather Shorts: J Brand “Portobello.” Shoes: Marni (old but similar here). Clutch: Rauwolf. Sunnies: Francois Pinton.





Look 2* Top: Kenzo. Ripped Denim: Rag & Bone “The Skinny.” Bag: Givenchy (old but also love this stunner). Sneaks: Isabel Marant “Bobby.” Sunnies: Francois Pinton.*

Because when you find a piece you love, you wanna wear it ALL THE TIME. I’ve dubbed it the “Kenzo affect.” Like most  Pharrell songs, Kenzo clothes make you HAPPY. Here’s to more of wherever THAT inspiration comes from.


October 2, 2014


Outtake from the first editorial photoshoot yours truly styled solo. I remember I had a crush on the model (who was as witty as he was beautiful), and flirted shamelessly between takes. SO BAD. Beautiful clothes and beautiful people can make for a combustive combo. It’s a hard knock life folks;)

all in the details

September 30, 2014


I adore styling men. I’ve overheard many stylists remark that they prefer not to style men because they don’t find it “creatively fulfilling” or “challenging.” I disagree. I find it MORE challenging to dress men than women, mainly because their options are much more limited. I mean, for the most part, you’re working in a very confined “structure.” Like, what does a dude wear to a black tie event? A TUX. On the surface, dressing men is pretty basic. But what I LOVE about working within such limited parameters is the hunt for unique pieces. Even in wearing what’s essentially a uniform, , you can choose pieces that have special details reflective of YOUR unique personality. Like these kickass mens shoes (all featured above) from Louboutin. The metal toe gives a dose of pizzazz to an otherwise basic boot and loafer. Same goes for the steel chain on the otherwise classic black leather brogues. Suddenly you morph from looking like another Goldman Sachs banker to a British rocker. You could be running errands in jeans and a T, and wearing ANY one of these three shoes would instantly transform that basic look from, likely, being overlooked, to WHOAH. Check out this cool dude.

I, for one, would definitely want to strike up a convo with any man wearing any of these shoes. Why? Because I would assume they have personality and confidence. I can’t picture a boring dude wearing gold tipped loafers. Can you?

Oh, don’t roll your eyes. We all do it. We all judge people on what they wear. Whether you admit it or not, we are ALL participants. So mine as well wear something that will illicit attraction – or, at the very least, make someone look twice at you. FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.




September 29, 2014


The older and busier I get (funny how those two collide, yeah?), the more I relish having a uniform. 9/10 times, my daily uniform consists of some variation of what I’m wearing above: a jacket (this one’s Vivienne Westwood; I’m obsessed with jackets), a vintage rocker T (in this case AC/DC) and pants (with a penchant for suede and leather in the cooler months). I wear minimal jewelry (not for lack of love. I’m just terribly fidgeting and inevitably taking it all off within an hour) and get weekly blowouts (HUUUGE time saver. Plus, there’s nothing like the confidence you rock when you have a sick blow out).

One of the ironies of being a stylist is I’m frequently more focused on dressing others than I am myself. However, when your job is literally to make other people look impeccable, you need to make an effort to look good yourself; I mean, you gotta REPRESENT. No one wants to hire a stylist donning sweats and a stained T (I’d certainly run for the hills). Still, every morning I literally get dressed within five minutes. I do not over think it. I’m able to do this so quickly because I always know what I’m gonna wear. You got it: pants, top, jacket. Heels. Rolex. Red lipstick.

Find your signature look and stick to it. Within your “look,” you can always find room to play: change up your lipstick, wear a funky belt, add an ostentatious cocktail ring. Honing your own uniform shouldn’t make you feel bored. It should make you feel confident; relieved, even.

I often hear “it takes a lifetime to figure out who you are.” In fashion, we work a bit faster;)

SO. If you’re feeling totally lost as to what your “look” is, pay heed to people whose aesthetic you admire. Any common threads? Are you more partial to dresses or pants? Wearing what do you feel most confident and powerful? Start there. And then look for unique, stand out pieces. You’ll be turning heads (including your own) in a New York minute.